Lifestyle photographer

Hi, I’m Tianqi Li. Ever since I was young I have always had an interest in what makes some shapes and form pleasant to the eye and what makes other things less appealing. This has shaped both my interest in photography and my education in design. 

I have traveled widely and lived for extended periods in China, North America and Europe. The experiences from these varied cultures and the interaction with the ordinary lives of their citizens, have given me a unique view into what gives that little spark of magic in ordinary lives, in what moments we would miss and treasure as we move from one chapter of our lives into the next.

 I like to take photos with emotions. I don’t want you to pose something that doesn’t feel right for you, and you don’t have to force the kids to say “cheese” all the time to the camera. I hope you can just be you, doing things that you would normally do with your family. My goal with a photo session is that you will discover that the moments of your life is worth documenting even without heavy make up and huge flash lights.